Meternity by Meghann Foye

As I always say when I begin to write a review on a book that I really didn’t like, this is my personal, and entirely subjective opinion which I think, as a mother of two very energetic boys, is probably completely different to the opinion of the author, Meghann Foye. I tried to enjoy it after reading a review that said it was light-hearted and good fun – nevertheless, having tried it, it is most definitely not to my taste.
Most parents don’t see attending venues, appointments and the like as a ‘perk’ – an opportunity for extra time off; most parents attend these things because they are trying their hardest to be the best parent that they can possibly be, and rushing home early after an extremely busy day at work so you can be there to feed, bathe and clear up after your youngster isn’t necessarily the easy option – which is what main character, Liz Buckley, clearly thinks. I would suggest that the author is also childless, whether by choice or otherwise, else she certainly wouldn’t have had the gumption to write this book! While I acknowledge that some adults are not childless out of choice and have my utmost respect for the emotional turmoil that they go through, please note that people with children have experienced both worlds; they have been childless and then had children, so can comment knowledgeably upon each, but the childless adult can clearly only see one side of the story.


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