Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay by Jill Mansell

If you’re looking for a warm, fuzzy, feel good holiday read then Jill Mansell’s ‘Meet Me At Beachcomber Bay’ is the book for you.  Jill Mansell always seems to hit the right note with her quirky loveable characters and their romantic complications.  Clemency, the main character, is a delight; we meet her first on a flight home chatting amicably with an initially reluctant Sam.  Romance seems on the cards until we discover that he is in fact married!  All the same, his commitment to his marriage in the face of such obvious attraction is to be applauded!  Fast forward a while and we again meet Clemency working for an estate agent in Cornwall, surrounded by her friends; loveable rogue, Ronan; self-centred stepsister Belle with the heart of gold; Marina, Josephine and Ellis, all tied inextricably to Ronan; Kate and Verity who provide a bit of extra mystery and romance – and Sam, who reappears as the latest love interest of none other than – Belle!  This is so much more than a love triangle as Jill Mansell attempts to sort out the complicated love lives to suit everyone and reach a happy ending – which she does admirably!  Despite the predictability of most of the plot, there are one or two lovely surprises that I didn’t see coming until I was well into the book – and I won’t spoil it by calling them out here – just to say that they complimented the main plot beautifully.
All in all, Jill Mansell’s usual lovely read.  Enjoy!


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