Me and My Sisters by Sinead Moriarty

‘Me and My Sisters’ by Sinead Moriarty is a great book. Based on the everyday lives of three sisters, Julie, Sophie and Louise, it is packed full of reality, with all the ups, downs and in-betweens of their everyday lives and relationships.
Julie, married to Harry has triplets and a baby; four boys under five. Struggling with money, self-image and sanity, Julie constantly doubts her ability as a mother and a wife, questioning her value in her husband’s life, a doubt that leads to the ultimate test of their marriage.
Louise, the ‘sensible’ one, has her life mapped out; a good education, steady work as a lawyer, and a healthy regular income – until a one night stand brings a little extra into her life. Louise is sure she already has it all figured out, until baby Clara comes along and turns her life upside down, forcing her to reconsider her values and reorder her priorities.
Sophie apparently also has it all; beauty, a glamorous lifestyle, her doting husband Jack, as much money as she can spend, and her beloved daughter, Jess. When Jack loses everything – EVERYTHING! – in a high risk investment that goes terribly wrong, finding herself homeless, penniless and desperate to protect her young daughter, Sophie digs deep, swallows her pride and rediscovers the independence and strength of character of her youth to pick herself up, find herself a job and begin single-handedly supporting her family.
These three tremendous female role models, hard-working, loving mums, daughters, wives and sisters are the mainstay of Sinead Moriarity’s book, supported by a further cast of memorable friends and family. The strength of the book is quite simply in the everyday, handled with insight, humour and great storytelling!
An easy four out of five stars.


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