Live Life Sunny Side Up by Jeremyville

‘Live Life Funny Side Up’ by Jeremy Ville is a refreshingly different take on positive affirmations, inspirational thoughts and potential answers to your own rhetorical questions about life.
Collated in ‘Live Life Sunny Side Up’ are the author’s own 100 favourite illustrations; what he calls his Community Service Announcements (in his introduction the author imagines a poster delivering an educational message to the public!)
The illustrations are quirky, bold and eye-catching; the messages are modern (e.g. ‘Don’t get lost online, p.83) and thought-provoking.
This is a fab book to keep on your bedside table, in your handbag or even on a shelf in the loo to dip into from time to time when the need arises. As Jeremy Ville says ‘We all need ways to reflect, contemplate and enter into our own thoughts’ (p.6) and ‘Life Life Sunny Side Up’ is one of the routes to take you there!



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