Little Wing by Freya North

It’s years since I’ve read a Freya North novel…and what a treat ‘Little Wing’ was!
Two main characters, two different stories, Nell and Dougie are feeling lost and frustrated.
Nell’s ‘mother’, Wendy, is settled in a nursing home suffering from advancing dementia, and her father is out of the picture . More recently, when Nell visits her mother, Wendy denies she ever had a daughter and thinks that Nell is someone called Florence.
Dougie meanwhile, a talented, but unfulfilled photographer of catalogue images, is similarly uninspired by life. Full of guilt, he avoids his father’s telephone calls and makes excuses for not calling him back.
As the past begins to close in on them both, they find themselves travelling to a remote village called Harris in the Outer Hebrides; Nell to explore her family connections that have been long-buried with the woman she learns is her real mother; Dougie, for a long overdue stay to reconnect with his father, Gordon, and confront events that he has tried to ignore for too long. Inevitably, their paths are destined to cross!
‘Little Wing’ was a steady read. I felt it began perhaps a little too slowly, but as the story gathered pace, I became invested in Nell’s story and found that I was drawn to it more and more.
The story has well-developed characters, depth and history , and I absolutely loved finding out more about a remote area of the UK.
Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for a review. I give this book 4 stars.