Lily Alone by Vivien Brown

‘Lily Alone’ by Vivien Brown, really tugged at my heart strings and caught at my imagination. Little Lily really is all alone when she wakes one day in an empty house with nothing but her teddy bear for company. Why is she alone? What has happened to her mum? And who is the woman who lies in a coma in hospital not far away?
I love the way this story rippled, like a stone in a pond, around the central figure of Lily who is completely unaware of the stories unravelling around her. Her dad, Michael and fiancĂ©e Patsy, all ready to challenge his estranged ex-girlfriend over the custody of his daughter; her grandmother, regretting their separation as it means she rarely sees Lily; William, the bachelor, who saves Lily…and hopes also to save himself with a beautiful new woman in his life. So many individual stories, held together by the life and fate one lost little girl. Fortunately, this story does have a happy ending!