Just My Luck by Adele Parks

Fabulous! Adele Parks always comes up with something a bit special that I can’t put down, and this time it was ‘Just My Luck.’
After all these years, Lexi and Jake have won the lottery. Lexi and Jake have not *just* won the lottery! They have won 17.8 million pounds! And just like that, their life has changed forever!
Together since uni, Lexi and Jake are happily married with two kids; for fifteen years they have been sharing the ups and downs of family life, and a lottery syndicate, with their best friends, Carla and Patrick Pearson and Jennifer and Fred Heathcote. Just days before the big win however, the three couples have a falling out, and the Pearsons and the Heathcotes pull out of the syndicate, leaving Lexi and Jake as the sole winners of every penny.
Once their initial excitement begins to settle down, so cracks begins to emerge; Jake and Lexi have very different ideas about how the publicity surrounding their win, and the money itself, should be managed. Jake begins spending, splashing out first on a flashy yellow Ferrari; Lexi meanwhile quietly wrestles with the morals of having so much when others have so little, and is keen to carry on as normal.
As the money takes over and their paths begin to diverge, so their lives begin to spiral dangerously out of control…
This was a really really good read. I especially liked the subplot involving Toma, which provided a stark comparison against which to weigh up the reactions of the main characters, and the little ‘fly on the wall’ that came in right at the end leaving the reader with something to think about long after the story was finished.