Just Like the Other Girls by Claire Douglas

Just Like the Other Girls by Claire Douglas is a bitter and sinister tale of family, identity and resentment.
The opening is intriguing.  In the epilogue, someone is murdered, and an advert for a carer for Mrs Elspeth McKenzie is placed.
In October 2018, an applicant arrives to take up her position as carer; just three months later, in January 2019, Una Richardson also knocks on the door to the same property to interview for the position of carer, which she subsequently takes up.
The scene is set.  A succession of carers is passing through the house and hands of Mrs Elspeth McKenzie, elderly resident of Clifton, Bristol.  Each carer looks similar, with long, blonde hair…and each carer is murdered!
With the large empty house, its widowed elderly owner Elspeth, and her cold, emotionless daughter Kathryn, ‘Just Like the Other Girls’ has all the feeling of a creepy, gothic novel…with a twist at the end that you WON’T be expecting.