It’s Always the Husband by Michelle Campbell

I do hate it when I really didn’t enjoy a book and I have to write a review for the people who supplied it to me, but sadly that was the case with ‘It’s Always the Husband.’ Right from the start I found the jumping around between time and character perspective incredibly confusing – and it continued to be confusing!
Apart from the opening scene which doesn’t really seem to fit anywhere, the book is divided into two parts; in the first part, we meet Aubrey, Jenny and Kate. I must be honest here, but there was very little going on in the way of story. I was on the point of giving up when I arrived at part two. Twenty two years later and the girls are together again; grown up and married, their secrets from their college years begin to catch up with them! Part two was slightly better, but only because I felt that the end, and resolution, was close.
All in all, in my entirely subjective opinion, I would describe this as a tedious read; it was hard going and took me far to long to get to the end.
I give ‘It’s Always the Husband’ two stars.