Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

I jump on Lisa Jewell books like a parched traveller thirsty for a good drink of water, and as each one seems to get darker and more creepy, the more I enjoy them. This is no exception.
Full of *interesting* characters, we are fed the plot via multiple points of view, the main focus being Saffyre, the 17 year old with the traumatic past; Owen Pick, the creepy thirty-something male teacher, still a virgin, and currently ‘at home’ following allegations of inappropriate behaviour made against him at; and Roan Fours, the link between them all, who lives opposite Owen Pick, and who has also been seeing Saffyre professionally for the last three year.
There is a recent history of sexual assaults against women in the area, and when Saffyre mysteriously disappears, the tension ramps up as Owen becomes the prime suspect…but as is often the case, all is not as it seems!
As always Lisa Jewell writes a gem of a book that keep the reader turning those pages until the bitter end!
4 stars.