I Looked Away by Jane Corry

The opening scenes of the prologue are dramatic; an affair, arguments, flashbacks and death. We are introduced to a homeless big issue seller and to Carole, at this point having little knowledge of the significance of these two characters; and we are introduced to Ellie, a 49 year old wife and mother, and adoring granny to her daughter’s little boy, Josh. We move swiftly on four months to the first chapter, and the inside of a prison where Ellie is being held. We have no idea what has happened or why she is there.
So begins a complicated plot of manipulative characters and damaged people, held together by the central story of Ellie, deeply traumatised by a childhood event which has chased her down the years to this point. The story is told through the alternating characters of Jo Bristol and Ellie through the past and present, gradually filling in the gaps of Ellie’s past while moving forward in her present. The twist when it comes is a good one and worth the wait!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and give it four stars.