I Invited Her In by Adele Parks

I loved this book. The premise of the story was good; Mel is contacted by her long-lost friend who is recently separated from her husband of seventeen years, and on a wave of nostalgia she invites her to stay for as long as she wants to. The characters are interesting; Mel and Abi were best university pals until Mel fell pregnant and dropped out of her course whilst Abi marries her uni sweetheart and heads off with him to the US to live the high life as a rich socialite and celebrity. The relationships are very psychological, with the characters’ motives for their behaviour very gradually revealed, bit by bit until Mel’s happily married, family life becomes increasingly tense and fraught with emotional angst. I truly couldn’t put this book down, and once finished I felt its loss, both indicators of a very good read!
A full five stars for ‘I Invited Her In.’