I Found You by Lisa Jewell

What a great read!
Strong, interesting characters, confident writing and a good, tight plot which dips in and out of time changes, but remains accessible to the reader with no loose ends left hanging at the end.
The story starts with Alice in her cottage by the sea looking up from her work at her window to spy a man sitting on the beach…and sitting…and sitting.  Finally taking pity on him in the cold, wet weather, Alice takes the stranger into her home, and on learning that he has lost all memory of who he is and why he is on the beach, Alice names him Frank and makes it her mission to help him find himself again.
Enter Lilijana, a young Eastern European, recently married and living in the UK, whose husband has mysteriously gone missing; enter Kirsty and Gray, siblings aged 15 and 18 respectively, on their annual holiday at Rabbit Cottage, Ridinghouse Bay in East Yorkshire with their parents; and enter Mark Yates, a young man with a dark obsession.
Over 20 years their lives become inextricably linked, secrets are revealed and the tension builds as the actions of the past finally catch up.
I give this book full marks!


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