Home Truths by Susan Lewis

‘Home Truths’ by Susan Lewis, although written as a story, is also a social comment on modern society written by a sensitive author with a social conscience. I found it incredibly sad, but also quite frightening in the way that Angie, the mother in the story, is struggling – and I mean REALLY struggling – to hold together her family, her home and her finances – amidst her grief at the violent death of her husband as a result of her eldest son’s actions. As a reader I really felt for Angie and the situation she found herself in through no fault of her own; personally, for me however, there was something missing in the story. It was very readable, and the downward spiral of the situation was very real, but the emotional connection that such circumstances would carry with it just didn’t feel like it was quite there.
The rating I’ve given this is 3 and a half stars.