Hello Me, It’s You by Hannah Todd

Experiencing anxiety and depression personally, I was very intrigued by the description of this book as a ‘collection of letters by young adults aged 17-24 about their experiences with mental health issues.’ The letters are not fiction; they are actual letters written by young adults giving advice and knowledge based on what they have learned to their 16 year old selves. What a lovely concept! I remember my late father saying frequently ‘Youth is wasted on the young,’ and it is only now that I see more clearly that if I had known at 16 what I know now, how much easier life might have been.
Some of the subjects dealt with by the book are extremely sensitive and painfully raw, exposed by the writers with real depth of feeling. Many of them are positive in their exploration of self, and perhaps this is an exercise that we should all do at some point, in order to reflect on what we have been through and how far we have come.
An interesting book, not too long and repetitive and formatted so that the reader can dip in and out as preferred.


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