Find Her by Lisa Gardner

Thrillers and the like remind me that there are some very nasty people doing some very nasty things in the world, and ‘Find Her’ by Lisa Gardner is an excellent example of such people! Often, the victim becomes another statistic; however, Flora Dane, the protagonist in this particular story, has a survival instinct that defies the most determined of killers! Kidnapped and imprisoned for hours at a time in a coffin like box for more than 400 days, Flora somehow manages to find a way to keep going in the face of the extreme mental, physical and sexual abuse she endures at the hands of her kidnapper – and gets out alive to tell her tale.
Victim turned vigilante, Flora now risks her own life to save others; distanced from her family by mental trauma of her own ordeal, Flora now covers her bedroom walls with pictures of girls and young women who never made it home. Her obsession with one girl in particular leads her back into danger and a past from which someone is determined she will not escape this time.
An enthralling read, and quite terrifying in places. Will keep you reading long after bedtime.



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