‘Faith and Moonlight’ by Mark Gelineau

In ‘Faith and Moonlight,’ by Mark Gelineau, Kay and Roan, two close friends from an orphanage escaping their shared tragic past are accepted at the School of Faith against the odds. Here, they must pass a number of tests within the month in order to remain at the school. As they face their challenges, Roan shows great aptitude and skill and progresses quickly; however, Kay struggles and fearing failure and separation from her dear friend, will she succumb to temptation when it is offered her and cheat to succeed…?

Despite being a more ‘mature’ reader, I love the YA genre and this book gripped me from the start; however, it was over before it really began. Just as the story was beginning to develop and get interesting, it finished rather suddenly, without giving quite enough to leave me wanting to read the next installment and feeling a little frustrated at the point at which it stopped.

Also, while reading the glimpses of Kay and Roan’s lives prior to their entry into the School of Faith, I felt that I’d already missed and installment, and had to check that this was in fact the first in the series. In my personal opinion, ‘Faith and Moonlight’ wasn’t a natural starting point for Kay and Roan’s story.

Generally I was left rather dissatisfied at the conclusion and this detrimentally affected my final rating for this book.

I give ‘Faith and Moonlight’ 3 stars out of 5.


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