Dear Mother by Angela Marsons

Having read a few of Angela Marsons crime stories in the Detective Kim Stone series, I was very keen to read one of her first attempts at non-crime fiction, ‘Dear Mother.’ Previously released under a different title, ‘Dear Mother’ proved to be a very real, and therefore necessarily distressing, book on the negative effects of child abuse taken on into adulthood.
Catherine, Alex and Beth are three sisters, survivors of an abusive mother, now living their adult lives as strangers. Catherine is married and has two children of her own; Alex lives alone and drowns her memories in alcohol, a habit that is rapidly spinning out of control; and Beth is left behind to care for her ageing and ailing mother.
Brought together suddenly by the death of their mother, the sisters are forced to reconnect and re-evaluate their lives and their relationships, to uncover explanations of past actions and somehow find closure on a past that they would all like to forget.
I did very much enjoy this book. Occasionally a little simplistic in plot, the development and progression of the story is very believable, if a little condensed for practicality.


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