Crash & Burn by Lisa Gardner

A dramatic opening grabs the reader from the opening line! Disorientation, confusion, questions; an unsettled feeling that is consistently running through this deeply psychological story over and again.

What has happened? Where is Vero? Who can be trusted? Nicole doesn’t know the answers, and she’s not even sure of the questions!

Not usually a reader of thrillers, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The complex and tightly woven plot takes the reader through the lives of Nicky and her husband Thomas, explores their emotional dependency on each other and the cracks that are appearing in their relationship. The mystery revolves around a little girl, Vero, and what has happened to her. Lisa Gardner gives nothing away and keeps her readers reading and guessing to the very end.

My only criticism of this book is in fact what is revealed about the dramatic opening car crash, in that the explanation of its occurence doesn’t feel quite believable to me, and I still didn’t entirely understand the motives for the accident.

Nevertheless, a good all round read! I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.



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