Cabin Fever by Alex Dahl

‘Cabin Fever’ is a thoroughly good thriller by Alex Dahl and I enjoyed it very much.

I don’t know if I’m particularly naive or whether the author managed to hide the final perpetrator especially well, but I really didn’t see this plot twist coming.  With the hindsight of a completed book it seems blindingly obvious, but at the time, I suspected nothing.

The crux of the story is set around an isolated cabin, and with the addition of a heavy fall of snow it very successfully sets the oppressive scene for what follows.

The main character, Kristina who is a successful therapist in Oslo, is perhaps a little naive herself and could do with setting a few professional boundaries, but following the call of her compassionate nature, she consequently finds herself in a very dangerous situation, one that she may not escape alive!

I give this book a rating of 4 stars.