Another Love by Amanda Prowse

What an excellent, sad, poignant, distressing read ‘Another Love’ was, and such a vivid portrayal of the downward spiral of alcoholism – with a suitably positive, uplifting ending which was true to the realism of the story.
Romilly has everything to live for; a happy relationship with her boyfriend/then husband, a nice home, supportive parents, a job she loves and her beautiful daughter, Celeste. Amanda Prowse gives a glowing account of the lifestyle Romilly has with little clue to where the story might be going until she has detailed a sound picture of what she stands to lose – and then we, the readers, are hit with it. Romilly is an alcoholic; her descent into squalor is ugly, undignified and distressing and we are spared nothing, not even the fumbling faceless stranger in the park who taking advantage of Romilly’s drunken stupor has sex with her next to a bin in exchange for whisky, then leaves again without her ever knowing who he was. Romilly is barely aware, doesn’t care and much is made of her proximity to bag of dog poop while this happens. Basically, she has lost everything and has hit rock bottom. As it is intended to be, this was probably the pivotal scene for me; I liked Romilly, but at that particular moment I couldn’t believe how low she had sunk.
But the sad fact is, this is a very real story, and I expect we all know alcoholics, whether they are recovering or active. This is a version of their lives; what they have been, what they are, or what they will become.
‘Another Love’ was an excellent read and comes highly recommended.


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