A Christmas in Disguise (A romantic short story perfect for Christmas)

In her subtitle to ‘A Christmas in Disguise,’ Katie Fforde promises her readers ‘A romantic short story perfect for Christmas.’ Bearing in mind her intentions, the author certainly delivers with this story; a lovely romantic comedy to curl up to on a wet December day.

In an attempt to take Christmas off so she can visit her family, Andi talks her best friend Jo into pretending to be her as the Chef for her employer, Caroline’s, Christmas dinner. Reluctant at first, Jo finally gives in under pressure and hopes that she will be able to maintain the act!

Enter Anthony, friend of Caroline’s, who is desperate to avoid any romantic notions Caroline may have of him. Having uncovered Jo and Andi’s masquerade, he talks Jo into simultaneously pretending to be his girlfriend to put Caroline off! Persuaded by the offer of fundraising assistance for her favourite dog rescue charity, and against her better judgement, Jo agrees.

The dual masquerade is sure go wrong – and go wrong it does!…..

This was a fun short story for a quick read if you’re pushed for time and certainly delivered the fun, frothy romance that we were promised. My only issue was that it finished rather suddenly before I was ready, but the twist in the tale was a good one to end on!

I rate this book three out of five stars.


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