150+ Gluten-Free Family Favorites: Delicious and Creative Recipes to Make a Gluten-Free Lifestyle Work by Tamara Dillon, Bonnie Root

It was ok. I realised my mistake as soon as I picked it up; no fault of the author. It is very much an American book; it uses US measurements and US family favourites. I am British, and much as I love trying out new recipes, these didn’t really appeal.
At times I also felt that I was reading a religious book rather than a cookbook, which irritated me greatly. If I’d wanted to celebrate God, then I would have chosen a book from the ‘God’ pile, rather than the cookery pile! It did spoil my enjoyment somewhat as I rolled my eyes and thought ‘here we go again!’ each time I came across a religious reference (which was often!)
So…I’m sorry, but it wasn’t for me – but try it, you might see things differently!